Patrick Maroon Is About To Accomplish What Kawhi Leonard Could Never

Chase Agnello-Dean. Getty Images.

The Big Rig, ladies and gentlemen. 

Perhaps the most sought after free agent once all of this is said and done. If you're a team who is starved for success, who is dying for a chance to compete for Lord Stanley's Cup, you hand over a blank check for 1-year for this weapon in the offseason. Because Patrick Maroon is now just 4 wins away from doing something that Kawhi could barely even dream about. Signing a 1-year deal to win a championship, immediately bouncing to sign with another team and following that up with back-to-back rings. 

Coming right up, Mr. Rig. 

Pat Maroon is still only 32-years-old. I know he may not necessarily be the type of player who can go into his 40's, or really even his late 30's. But he still has a couple years worth of gas left in the tank. So I think if he wins another Cup with the Bolts this year, he just has to finish out his career by jumping to a new team every season and seeing how long he can keep this streak up. 

Just imagine when he fills up his whole hand with 5 teams in 5 years. Better career than Gretzky at that point? Honestly it's worth the discussion. 

All I'm saying is that whoever the Big Rig signs with in the offseason, you might want to toss a quick future on that team winning their conference in 2020-21. It's automatic froney.