Jimmy Butler Refused To Let Bam Be Part-Owner Of His $20 Per Cup Coffee Business, Went And Trademarked Everything Instead

Goddamn everything about Jimmy Butler cracks me up. The man is a content machine through and through. But this? Now I think he's a business genius. His goal after he retires is to open up his own coffee shop. Of course Jimmy Butler wants to open his own coffee shop. I can just see him in Miami opening a coffee shop and playing dominos in the park. So what does he do? He opens up a $20 per cup shop in the bubble: 

I've said it before Jimmy Butler is the bubble MVP. I don't care if they already gave it to Damian Lillard. Butler made the Heat go up 2-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals. He's the story at all times it feels like and what he's doing with the Heat. But the actual most Jimmy Butler thing here is 'cash only' and 'no I.O.U.s' on his board. That man wants to get paid right this second and give you a cup of coffee. I don't even hate his strategy. Everyone in the bubble is a millionaire like he says, they can afford the $20 so you overcharge. Know your audience and no one knows their audience better than Jimmy Butler apparently. 

Fucking Jimmy man. What a run. The man might be best friends with Bam, but won't let him run his coffee shop since he doesn't drink coffee. You can tell Bam is pissed too, look at this face: 

The man just wants a piece of the coffee shop.