Marcus Smart Is Losing His Shit In The Celtics Lockeroom

Well isn't this fucking great. I suppose it's to be expected after your blow a fucking 17 point lead and find yourself down 0-2. I'll be honest, part of me likes the fire but the majority of me is so annoyed at this team's bullshit I don't even want to hear it. Where was this fight in the fourth quarter? To be honest, Smart's shot selection wasn't great in that quarter. The one thing we know is that he always goes 100% but then how about you use that energy to stop someone over the course of blowing a 17 point lead. 

Now, is there a chance this could be some sort of rallying cry that snaps the Celts out of this ridiculously pathetic slump? Who the fuck knows. How can anyone even trust this team right now? There is not a lead they will not blow whether Marcus yells at everyone or not. To me this sounds like a team falling apart. Maybe that's just my raw emotion of the moment talking, but I would call this less than ideal.

17 goddamn points. Up 5 with 4:25 left and you score 7 points the rest of the way. Awesome.