How Much is Glenn Howerton Still Making Off 'Always Sunny?' The Actor Joins Pardon My Take to Discuss

To send you into the weekend, Pardon My Take welcomed on actor, producer, screenwriter, and director Glenn Howerton to the show. The "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" star joined the pod to talk all things on the aforementioned show and his comedy series, "A.P. Bio." As for Always Sunny, I think we all know how popular of a show it still is today. That brought up the question - How much is Howerton still making off of it?

Mr. Cat. Alright, so we ask this question to every one of our guests. How much money do you make off the residual checks for "Always Sunny [in Philadelphia]?" Everyone gets this question, so don't feel like you're special.

Glenn Howerton: (Laughing) Well, enough to pay for all of these goofy knickknacks you see behind me, I'll tell you that.

Mr. Cat: Yeah.

Mr. Commenter: What do you splurge on? Bleeding Gums Murphy from "The Simpsons" had a thousand dollar a day Faberge Egg Habit or something like that?

Glenn Howerton: Right. What's my split? Well, I mean, definitely not clothes. I just wear t-shirt and jeans every day. So, I'm not like a clothing guy. Definitely probably spent a little too much money on building this house. My wife and I built a house in Venice four years ago, or we moved in four years ago. 

Mr. Cat: Italy?

Glenn Howerton: No, that'd be cool. That would have been super cool. No, no, no, Venice Beach, California. 

What a great feeling that must be. For a show that started 15 years ago, and continues to make a great run, he will probably still be getting those checks in for quite a while.