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"New York City Parking" Is The World's Most Extreme Sport

"People will kill for a parking spot in New York City!"

Not since George Constanza's 1992 showdown in front of Tom's Market has a New York City parking space showdown reached this level of intensity. And they didn't have to worry about the threat of coronavirus ripping their insides apart back then. 

Yes this may be the worst street fight ever recorded on camera, in any city. But that just goes to show how meaningful the elusive NYC parking space is — a man is willing to throw down despite absolutely zero training or experience in physical confrontation to defend his little empty chunk of concrete. 

I mean do you know how expensive the fucking lots in this city are? 

You'd end up on your back throwing wild bicycle kicks like this Curt Schilling/R-p-port hybrid too.


Ngl there are at least 3 or 4 NFL scouts out there on Twitter that took notice of the dude in the grey shirt's 15 yard downfield block.