We Now Have Some Momentum for Fall MACtion

In July and August, the rush from all these conferences was to be the first to delay or cancel the fall football season. Now in September, the rush is to be able to save it.

After the Big Ten reversed course and announced its season will begin October 24, other conferences are now scrambling in an attempt to also play this fall. And while getting the Pac-12 back would be great, there's nothing like some Tuesday night MACtion. And luckily, it sounds like the MAC might be close to back.

After initially exploring a season starting in February, it now appears the MAC could re-start alongside the Big Ten next month, with a championship game in mid-December. Brett McMurphy said it is unclear whether all schools would participate, but that the framework is for an eight-game schedule.

I just want as much college football as possible. It's pretty clear that the conferences which chose to cancel made those decisions too early, so now it's a matter of the optics of reversing those decisions as well as the logistics of getting a season together in a month.

But hopefully everything comes together for every conference which wants to play and we get some semblance of a full season of college football, as weird as it may look.

Let's all pray we have some Tuesday night MACtion back in our lives sooner rather than later.