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Josh Donaldson Might've Just Become The First Player In History To Get Ejected While Hitting A Home Run

Absolutely fucking incredible. You have to love Josh Donaldson. Dude just hits bombs and does not give a shit about what anybody thinks about him. He was arguing with the home plate umpire before the home run, still hit a bomb and regardless of the ball landing in the seats, JD was still FUMING running around the bases. So much so that he kicked dirt on the plate on the way by, got ejected and then went back to get his money's worth by kicking even more dirt on the plate. Outstanding.

The virgins will have an issue with this and say that it's unprofessional. It's entertaining is what it is. The only argument I'll hear is that the Twins still need him in the lineup because it's now a one-run game thanks to the bomb and we're only in the sixth inning. If the Twins don't hang on to win, then yeah. I'll say that argument is valid. But if they hold the lead and get the dub against one of the hottest teams in Major League Baseball? It's an iconic moment. We love Josh Donaldson around here.