Did Ohio Millennials Kill Good Old Fashion Hot Dogs??

From Cleveland 19 News:

You may remember the flashy hot dog sign that used to hang above the longtime hot dog shop in Ohio City on Lorain Avenue.

Now, there’s a different sign in front of the restaurant and it says “Closed.”

“It was just a gathering place for the neighborhood. People came there to socialize and to eat hot dogs. Who doesn’t love a hot dog?," said Timothy Yanko, owner of the All Things for You Antique Shop.

The Ohio City staple shut down back in March, but a sign placed in front of the building last week caught plenty of attention online.

Someone painted the sign and put it in front of where the restaurant used to be.

The message was clear: Millennials killed Old Fashioned Hot Dogs...

Dear Millennials, 

This business was here for almost 100 years. Then you came along. Thank you for ruining yet another thing in this neighborhood. How does it feel knowing every generation, before and after, looks down on you? Just go away!

And get off our damn lawn while you're at it!

Jokes aside we all know it's a tough time for mom & pop restaurants and my heart goes out to all the small businesses struggling through this thing. However.. According to the rest of this particular story the Old Fashion Hot Dog fam had simply decided they were ready to retire, and another news video said it was the landlord forcing them out because they had other plans for the building.. So regardless of what these dang millennials were or weren't ruining elsewhere around town this one wasn't on them.

My theory for who put the sign up? An old timer feeling bitter because they really, really, really loved those delicious hot dogs, heard the shop was closing, and then saw those Miami U of Ohio dum dums having a little COVID shindig. They did their own math, the anger had to go somewhere, and quite frankly I don't think we can blame them for that. You find a good hot dog spot, you never wanna let it go. This place had been there since 1928 serving generations of a community for nine decades. Whoever you are, I say let it out, buddy. Let it out.