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4-Star QB's Parents Legally Separated So He Could Move From California to Georgia to Play This Season

After the California Interscholastic Federation made the decision that high school football in the state would be delayed until at least December, the state's top recruits were forced to make a difficult decision. Some seniors immediately announced they would not participate in a spring season and instead enroll in college early.

But 4-star quarterback and USC commit Jake Garcia went to what some would consider a bit of an extreme to play this season. Not only did he and his dad move from California to Valdosta, Georgia, but his parents also legally separated so he would be eligible to play this season.

ESPN — Moving to Georgia wasn't a problem for Randy, who retired in 2012 after working for 32 years with the Los Angeles Police Department. Yvonne, who works as an administrative assistant, had to remain in California for her job. For Jake to be eligible for one season at Valdosta High, Randy and Yvonne legally separated to meet the Georgia residency rules. According to court records, Randy and Yvonne dissolved their marriage on Aug. 20. They plan to get back together once Jake's season at Valdosta High ends.

"The requirements [are] a full family move, so that and, obviously, grades and that kind of thing," Randy said. "So at this point, we got a legal separation. We're right down the guidelines as far as being eligible to play."

If that's not a 2020 story, I don't know what is. But Garcia has reason to find somewhere to play his senior year. He's the No. 4 pro style quarterback in the 2021 class and immediate became the No. 4 player in Georgia upon his arrival.

Garcia threw for 341 yards, two touchdowns and an interception in Valdosta's season-opening win over Warner Robins.

If you want to play high school football in 2020, just have your parents get legally separated, move 2,500 miles across the country to the middle of nowhere in southern Georgia and you're good to go.