TBT To That Time In 2013 When Tommy Hawk Bodied Me On Twitter

For whatever reason this week of Redline Radio turned into a big nostalgia episode. We had Clem on to talk Giants-Bears so right away it was the OG team sport bloggers going full time. We also replayed an interview with Mike Pantanzis that we did on a podcast hosted by Eddie back in 2013. 

It was…awful. And because we were talking a lot about writing for Barstool and being with the company in it's infancy Eddie brought up the time that Tommy Hawk put me in a body bag because Eddie never forgets anything. I had a standing beef with a guy who was running an account of a mascot and…I lost. 

Jealousy is never a good look and I deserved to get bundled. I did not like that Tommy Hawk was saying how he was having to keep women away from him with a giant foam finger while I, a real human boy, was getting zero attention from girls on the internet or in real life. It irked me. I came at the king and got put in my place

Honestly, this was a low moment for me on the internet. In January 2013 I wasn't even really working for Barstool. I had been "hired" by Neil to cover the Blackhawks who immediately went on strike. I wrote one blog(the first ever Notre Dame uNDefeated blog) and then KFC "fired" me. Fast forward a couple months and I am losing an internet fight against a guy who has never spoken a word in his entire life. Doesn't get much worse than that. Second worst beating ever recorded at the hands of Tommy Hawk

All is well that ends well. Tommy Hawk and I have squashed the beef.


Good episode of Redline. Check it out.