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White Sox vs. Twins "Last Night Was An Abomination" Live Blog Is LIVE!!!

What a lousy fucking game. The whole lineup had PLENTY of pitches to unzip their pants and piss on last night and they didn't do so. That happens next to never with this lineup - when one person is cold, the other 8 hitters (7 when Mazara is in it) tend to pick him up. Baseball happened last night, plain and simple. Gio was good enough to get a dub but instead saw a loss. What the fuck ever.

Oh, and Lopez starts tonight, not Keuchel.

Giphy Images.

It's fine though, because it's out of necessity:

Yeah, not loving the matchup, but playoffs are more important than this one-off game. Bet the over, because there could be a lot of runs scored tonight. Magic number is 1, but fuck the playoff clinching celebration. Division crown magic number is 9. Gimme that within a week, and get our guys healthy right at the right time:

Let's go. Lock this shit up asap, we got playoffs to worry about.