No Big Deal But Reports Are Out That The Knicks Are Going To Get Chris Paul And Russell Westbrook (And LeBron And Giannis And Durant And Fuck This)

Suck it haters. The Knicks are landing Russell Westbrook AND Chris Paul. What can go wrong here? Certainly not the fact that the Knicks won't get either of these guys and if they do, certainly that they'll get along just a-okay. It's just getting hilarious at this point with the Knicks linked to EVERY SINGLE PLAYER. Just give me the real reports. Tell me who they can actually trade for or who has interest in signing there as a free agent. 

It would be some bullshit to get Chris Paul now though. I still stand by landing him when he made the toast at Melo's wedding and joining Amar'e and Melo would be the ultimate game changer. Shit, even if it wasn't Amar'e and just Melo and Chris Paul. That team succeeds. Paul was exactly what that team needed. And yeah Chris Paul is still good, but missing out on peak Chris Paul to pair with Melo is just a *ahem* punch to the nuts. 

And yeah of course the Knicks COULD take in Russell Westbrook. They have the cap space and trade assets to do so. I blogged this when the trade rumors were here last July: 

A year later I still believe it, even more so. That contract is crippling. Yes, Chris Paul has a big money contract, but you're talking a year or two. You get Paul off the books a year earlier, two if he declines his player option (he won't). And this isn't a knock on Russ, the dude is a star. You don't average a triple-double if you're not good. It just doesn't do the Knicks any good. They are in no-man's land. They have to hit on draft picks and hope and pray and pray more that a free agent eventually decides to go there. They need to try and be the Nuggets, not the Lakers. 

This goddamn franchise, man. I just want the 90s back. I just want this team to be relevant and not a goddamn laughingstock. I'm not asking for much.