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Kendrick Perkins Says An Inside Source Told Him The Clippers Are Going To Break Up Their Team

Man do I love me some Perk. Always have, always will. Even when he picked the Raptors to beat the Celtics, I still loved him. And this quote right here is just another reason why. How much do you want to make a bet THIS dude was his inside source?

Remember Ayre? Good times. 

Here's the beauty in what Perk said though. You hear that and you start thinking Kawhi or Paul George. But I look past that. You see it is very possible the Clippers "break up" the team we saw this past season. Montrezl Harrell is an UFA this offseason. They could certainly not bring him back. The same is true for Marcus MorrisLou Williams has 1 year left on his deal for 8M, they could move him too. Same with JaMychal Green. So technically Perk isn't wrong. They could absolutely break things up in terms of not bringing back their own free agents. 

But when it comes to moving someone like Paul George, if you are an opposing team, why would you give anything of substance up? First there's his contract situation. He has a player option after next season. He could very well walk and go somewhere else. Then there's his postseason production. If you are a team that is looking to get over the hump, does Playoff P look like the guy that gets you there? Not only that, but would you pay the kings ransom it would cost to bring him in? The man makes over 30M a year, it's not like there are a ton of ways to make the money work salary wise. The Clippers are stuck and just have to hope both George and Kawhi commit past next season. 

They don't have the draft picks to trade, nobody is going to want Playoff P, so the only logical way to retool is to move their lower salaried players. Unless they can find a desperate GM who needs to save his job by making a splash, I'm not sure what the Clippers do. 

Also you have to factor in their new arena. They are really going to blow it up and move their best players with that thing coming? Woof. Then there's Doc Rivers. If you are trading all the players that wanted to play for Doc, why did you keep him for his final year if you don't think he can get that group to the Finals. 

But mark it down. Perk says they are blowing this shit up so I say bring on the chaos.