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White Sox vs. Twins "This Series Is A Joke" Live Blog Is LIVE!!!

Snooooooooooooze. This series is a goddamn YAWNER. One team is better than the other team in every facet, it's that simple, and the team that just happens to be up 2-0 in the series and 3 games in the division with 12 to play is quite literally the best team in baseball right now, having won 22 of 27 games and with Ace 1 and Ace 2 closing the series out. 

I expect a bloodbath tonight. Like literally a bloodbath. Not saying that WILL happen, but the Sox should tee off on Odorizzi, as he's a fly ball pitcher and the Sox are a fly ball team. Ball go far, team go far. I truly think by the 5th inning we'll be more worried about who's made the harder push for MVP between TA and Abreu in tonight's game. 

10-2 Sox. Let's boogie. Pray for the league 

Instagram live after the game with White Sox in game host Alyssa Bergamini