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LETSSSSSSS GOOOOOOOOOO!!! College Hoops Will Officially Start On November 25

Holy shit, it's happening. It's official. No more questions about will the season start in 2020 or not. We now know it's starting November 25 and I couldn't be happier. A day before Thanksgiving? Giddy up. I'm already used to ignoring family and friends that night with the Maui Invitational and all the other tournaments going on, now you're giving me the start of the season? Just an added day of gluttony for your boy with Thanksgiving. 

But what this date shows is we're getting nonconference games, a full conference schedule and the NCAA Tournament. I'm legit weeping as I type that. Do you know how much I miss college hoops? It's the love of my life and I need it back in my life. We're going to get nonconference games - likely sounding more and more that a portion of it will take place in bubbles. It doesn't even matter, we're watching college hoops. 

Just over 2 months away, folks. Now we wait and see if the Pac-12 gets bullied into changing its stupid ass decision of cancelling games until 2020 (I bet they do). But we're here. We have a date. We have a plan. Shout out everyone in college hoops for getting this November 25 date locked in.