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I Loved Michael Bisping Throwing A Ricochet Shot At Luke Rockhold On Commentary Last Night

This absolutely cracked me up in the midst of Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series last night.

I mean, the ricochet shot itself was fine, but just the fact that Michael Bisping won't let that rivalry go so many years later now makes me laugh so hard. I don't blame him, either, considering all the shit Rockhold was talkin before that fight! I know that's a two-way street, especially with Bisping, but Rockhold was just so douchey and dismissive of him in that build that I kinda feel like I get it!

Hell, if I brutally KO'd my arch nemesis against all odds - no matter the situation, I don't think he'd ever hear the end of it from me, either.

We saw some great action IN the octagon last night as well, on the Tuesday Night Contender Series; most notably this vicious beating of Gregory "Robocop" Rodrigues by Jordan Williams in the evening's main event....

Narrator: They gave him a contract.