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This Tweet Shows The Disconnect Between College Football Fans And A Lot Of Those Who Cover The Sport

Big T blogged this a little bit earlier, but I truly think that Christine Brennan deserves at least two blogs for her absolute nonsense take. 

As everybody, including the players and their parents, was celebrating, Christine Brennan was painting today as one of the worst days in the Big Ten's history as if Jerry Sandusky never stepped on Penn State's campus.

This has been a theme of the 2020 CFB offseason. While fans were coming together to be positive about a potential 2020 season, they were shut down by some covering the sport. While fans were hoping for the season, it felt like some that cover the sport were cheering against the season to happen.

The weird thing is that everybody wants the season to happen, except for Medill graduates like Christine Brennan. The players have been begging their presidents, governors, etc. to play, but they didn't go to Medill so why would their opinions count. Same goes for the parents and coaches.

Christine also kept harping on how the Big Ten has become the SEC as if that is some awful thing. You know that awful conference that has had multiple sexual assault scandals that were covered up for decades, including one with children. Oh wait, sorry, I'm talking about the Big Ten. We all know what Christine is implying with saying the Big Ten is the new SEC. God forbid great institutions like Northwestern and Rutgers to be associated with gasp the south. Those dumb hicks could never complete Econ 101 at Michigan. 

Almost all CFB fans love the SEC. They love watching the SEC. They love the fans. Sure, they make fun of them, but it isn't some weird beef with them like Christine Brennan has with them that I'm sure has nothing to do with politics because the hallmark of journalism is, of course, being unbiased. 

P.s. Her deleting the darkest day tweet is so soft.