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Giannis Continues To Put Bucks Fans On A Social Media Roller Coaster

It's been a wild ride these last few weeks for the loyal Bucks fans out there. Another disappointing second round exit despite being a historic team for the second straight year. Another series their best player and scheme sneaky got exposed. That was tough. Then you had Giannis talking about how he wants to plow through that wall and you thought maybe there was nothing to worry about, only for him to unfollow the Bucks and all his teammates on social media. Then the report of this 3 hour meeting. It's been stressful to say the least.

Well now he's back at it with the #ThroughTheWall hashtag, making it seem like he will not demand a trade this offseason. That's all fine and good but it leaves out one thing. He doesn't have to demand a trade to be traded. All he has to do is not sign his extension and then Bucks sort of have to trade him or risk losing him for nothing. As a Bucks fan, this would drive me a little crazy. That's why he can tweet whatever or say whatever he wants in a press conference, until he puts pen to paper it all means nothing. Don't talk about going through the wall unless you are for real going to sign the extension.

But that's where the pressure for the Bucks to add comes in. Does Giannis not sign the extension in hopes they make moves this offseason/trade deadline? At that point though, can they risk heading into next year's trade deadline with Giannis not signed to his extension? What if they lose in the second round again. There are reports already that they are out on Chris Paul. There is still a ton of unknown.

In the end, deep down I still think there's no way Giannis turns down supermax money. You almost never see that happen, although Anthony Davis did just do it. Make no mistake though, just because Giannis won't "demand" a trade doesn't mean this is going away anytime soon. The Bucks might not have a choice.


And while we're at it, let me say this for all the Bucks fans out there. All they hear about is where Giannis is going and if they should trade him. Well can we hear the same shit when it comes to the Clippers and Kawhi/Paul George? Guess what, they are in a very similar situation with both players having a player option after next season. Unless they sign an early extension there should be just as much heat and talking heads going crazy about them losing their best players. Who gives a shit if you're already in a big market when you're that caliber of star and your team still underachieves. That would annoy me as a Bucks fan so I figured I would help give them a voice.