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Michelle Obama Really Thinks She's Hot Shit In This New Workout Video, Doesn't She?


#FitFam #NoDaysOff #StayHungry #OutHereGrindin #BEASTMODE

Get a load of the First Lady. Not gonna lie, FLOTUS is looking pretty jacked these days. Looks like she’s trying to get to 200 before MDW too and just getting those final pumps in. She’s 51 years old and for sure in better shape than the majority of us. And I’m sure Barry O is sitting in the Oval Office right now checking this out and has a little Woodrow Wilson going on over these booty gains.

Also, wouldn’t mind sending this GIF on over to North Korea. Just to show those sorry clowns what they’re up against.

Even though anyone who films themselves working out automatically becomes a hardo/harda, I guess I’m willing to give Mish a pass on this one. But if she ever decides to make another workout again, maybe she should take a few pointers from the pros. Because these videos need way way more T&A if she ever wants people to actually watch them. Now enjoy.

And of course, the greatest one of them all…


It’s a great day in the world when you can seamlessly transition from a video of Michelle Obama working out to staring at pictures of Jen Selter’s ass.