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This Guy Went Viral For Being Husband Of The Year, But I Think There's More To The Story

By now I'm sure you've either sent or have been sent this video of this lovely couple that has gone viral on TikTok then made it's way over to Twitter. 

It's "couple goals" or "dream husband" to it's finest, but I'm here to call BS. 

Randomly surprising your wife the day of with the following: shopping, pedicures, brunch with mimosas! then Target and HomeGoods is not being a good husband. It's overkill. My guess is this fella is like the majority of us when the morning air starts to get more crisp, the leaves start to change colors, and your lady starts stealing your sweatshirts - he's playing the infinite battle of balancing football time with relationship time. 

It's not an easy one to do. 

Ya see, on a normal year us football fanatics only get 12 weeks of college football guaranteed and 17 in the NFL unless your squad is lucky enough to make a run. 

A limited amount of time each year that for 1-2 days a week we want to just be absolute vegetables while watching three different TVs and yelling at 22 year old football players for not getting up field. 

I applaud this gentleman for surprising his wife that way. It's important for any couple to get away and spend time together looking at their phones, but especially when you have a baby which she said they did. 

But let's not hand him the trophy of husband of the year because we haven't been told the full story. I've seen this story before. It's one I have to balance myself. This seems to be a story of front loading payment and time to his wife so he can spend the next two days doing nothing but watch football.