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Bin Laden Raid. D-Day. Saving The Big 10 Via Tweeting. Thank You David For Your Service.


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Everyone stop what you're doing at once. Because nothing you do will ever, and I mean EVER, top what David Hookstead did. He fought on the front line, in the trenches, day and night, to save Big 10 football. You have him and him alone to thank for it coming back. But not just that. He knew it was dangerous. He knew how many people died on D-Day. But he did not care. He knew tweeting about saving the Big 10 was worth the sacrifice.

The thing is, he's trolling but he's also dead serious. Is he leaning into it a bit? Sure. 



But he earnestly believes he deserves praise for…I'm not even sure what he did. But man, what a tweet to send. Ol' David Hookstead, we salute you for your bravery. Not since Forrest Gump put Bubba and the rest of his team on his shoulders have we seen such selflessness in the battlefield. 

And pray for Joe Biden. Because as we all know, the election hung in the balance of Big 10 football playing or not playing.



Load up on Trump, this thing is over.


PS: Oh man I love David's Twitter. Scrolling it is a delight. It has to be an elaborate troll job, right? Am I just not in on the joke?