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Resourceful: Manchester Man Uses Snake As Mask On Public Bus

I feel like "Liverpool Man" and "Manchester Man" are the British versions of our own "Florida Man" and this case is no exception. 

From the Independent UK:

A commuter has been spotted using a snake as a face mask on a Manchester bus.

The man boarded the Swinton bus at Salford on Monday with the reptile wrapped around his neck and mouth, in what appeared to be a satirising of coronavirus restrictions.

One passenger said she initially thought the man was wearing a “funky mask” before she spotted it slithering over the hand rails.

She said she found the incident “really funny” and that the animal did not seem to be bothering any of her fellow passengers, saying: “No-one batted an eyelid”.

Authorities said they did not consider snakes to be a valid face covering.

You know this city of around 500K is legit from one line in that story, ..."No-one batted an eyelid." 

Once you're in certain cities long enough nothing really phases you anymore & things that would cause drama elsewhere are barely a blip on the radar. I saw two separate rogue penises on my walk to the subway the other day & though, admittedly - more than one in a day is not super common, I didn't feel anything. Younger Kate would have balked & looked around to see if anyone else was seeing what I was seeing. Now it's just another day and I keep strollin' along.


And not to side with the UK over the US of A but I'll take a jokey Manchester snake-mask protest over these embarrassing Florida dorks any day.