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Kliff Kingsbury Is Already Peeing His Pants About Having To Face The WFT's Defensive Line


I appreciate this honesty out of Kliff Kingsbury. But boy, imagine sitting in the film room and watching the tape of the WFT's 8 sack performance against the Eagles? I'd pee my pants a little bit too, especially after seeing this picture:



Now, obviously Kyler is an awesome QB, to the point we completely ignore that his name is "Kyler". But also do people realize he was sacked a league-leading 48 times last season? Obviously there are always caveats you can make for things like that- rookie, bad Oline, didn't have DHop at WR. So things change year to year, obviously. But he's never seen a defensive front like we saw the WFT's from last week. I mean shit, Ryan Kerrigan won NFC Defensive Player of the Week from his 2 sack performance. 



What Kyler does have going for him next week is the lack of experience our linebackers have. If he gets in the open field, we know what he's capable of. And you gotta expect that to happen A LOT, as he will be facing pressure nonstop. So it'll be interesting to see how they spy him, while also having to keep DHop in check. It's going to be a chess match, but fun to watch.