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Only Click This Blog If You Want DraftKings To Give You The Chance To Win $100k With Their Swing For The Fences Contest

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Here we go.  I’ll make this quick because it’s real simple.  Do you want to win $100,000?  Is that something that would bring joy into your life?  I’m gonna go ahead and answer that for you and say yes.  Well here is DraftKings to give you that opportunity with their $300,000 Swing For The Fences contest.  1st place gets $100k and it’s only 3 bucks to enter.  Yes, 3 dollars. So you’d be an idiot not to enter.  Let’s do it!


Contest Details:
-$300,000 Swing For the Fences
-$300K in prizes, 1st place wins $100K
-Contest closes Wednesday at 7:05 PM
-Pick 10 MLB players from Wednesday night’s games for a chance to win a share of $300,000 in roral prizes
-Free entry with any first deposit on DraftKings