Intern Dana's Top 5 Celebrities I Would Date

1. Gronk


Gronk being number one on the list might come as a shock to some of you and I can totally understand that, but I have my reasons. First of all and most importantly he loves minions. We both love minions and that would be our thing. Together we would be minion loving weirdos and no one could stop us. Second, he just seems like a big teddy bear who just wants to have fun and couldn’t hurt a fly. Third, we would probably never fight because I’m not positive he has the mental capacity to even hold a conversation let alone an argument. It could be the blind leading the blind and most likely we would end up dead but we’d go out with a bang and endless 69 jokes.


2. Sam Hunt

sam hunt

For anyone that doesn’t know who Sam Hunt is he is the absolute dream. He’s the total package all around. He’s a country singer with an amazing voice and great songs, just hit after hit. He is extremely hot, a great smile and big arms. Finally, he played college football. Even if he doesn’t still play its still a bonus in my book. I don’t see how it gets much better than him.


3. The Deckers

eric and jessie


I would LOVE to be a part of Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker’s relationship even just for one day. They’re both super hot and seem like a fun time. I don’t know if anyone watched their show Eric and Jessie but they were just always all over each other all the time. They’re kind of like Sam Hunt in two different people, Jessie comes in with the country music and Eric holds it down with the football talent. All in all they’re a great power couple and I want in on that relationship.


4. Matthew McConaughey

matthew mcconaughey

Matthew McConaughey, I always have loved him and always will. I think its the voice that gets me aside from his obvious good looks and amazing acting ability. I don’t think much needs to be said about him, he’s an all time classic that should be on everyone’s list. If he’s not on your list you need to figure it out.


5. Jennifer Aniston


jennifer aniston


How could I not include good old Jennifer Aniston. I’m convinced she will never not be one of the sexiest women alive. She’s 46 right now and looks better than most people my age. It’s actually incredible if you think about it.  Especially after seeing her in Horrible Bosses 1 and 2 (and I like to think shes like that in real life) she just drips sex. I could go on and on about Jen Aniston all day but i’ll just leave it at I’d date her in a heart beat because there is absolutely no reason not to.