Thoughts And Prayers For Jamal Murray's Girlfriend After Nikola Jokic Spent Last Night Talking About How He And Jamal Are A Couple

The Nuggets gotta be one of the most likable good teams in recent memory right? I know the Heat are there but there are people who hate Jimmy Butler and even Tyler Herro, couldn't be me, but other people do. Does anyone actually hate Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray? I don't think so. They are two absolute stars too. It's rare for players like that to be loved, but then again not everyone is like Jokic. How can you hate this guy? 

Or this guy? 

Jamal Murray is one of the most fun players in the world when he's cooking like he has been in the playoffs. Shit, he made Mike Breen hit us with an all-time BANG call last night. 

They really are the perfect couple. I can't stop laughing at that postgame interview when Jokic stops to ask Murray if he has something to say. Although, Murray's girlfriend might have something to say

Power couple.