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Lamar Jackson Has Won AFC Offensive Player Of The Week In 5 of His Last 9 Starts

Simply ridiculous. Lamar Jackson has done it yet again. 

Time and time again, the national narrative is that defenses will catch up to Lamar. And that Lamar was "solved" in a Titans loss (where he threw for 365 yards and ran for another 143, mind you) and that the league now had the blueprint to stop him. It was the same sort of shit we heard after he lost to the Chargers as a 21 year old with a limited playbook the year before. And what did Lamar do to answer that? Only win MVP of the entire league. That's a fact. I refuse to let some bad 4th down luck and a complete breakdown defensively against the run soil everything he accomplished last year. The Titans game was an aberration, and not at all who Lamar Jackson is, or will be. 

What's scary is that Lamar is only getting better. He is so far from a finished product at this point in his career. As teams were supposed to be figuring him out last year, he actually started to win more and more of these awards. Lamar Jackson's development is actually outpacing the league's ability to find a solution to stop him. Of course the heartbreaking loss planted some seeds of doubt in my brain, that's just human nature. But Lamar Jackson yet again came out Sunday and squashed those doubts with the way he threw the football. You may say it was just the Browns but if you watched that performance you saw a QB throw balls in perfect spots, often times in decent coverage. It's ridiculous to think that we saw a QB win MVP by throwing for 36 TD's and only 6 INT's, and his improvement in Week 1 the next year was perceptible to the eye. The stats and this award reflects that.

Lamar Jackson is only 23 years old. The ceiling is the roof here folks.