The Clippers Are Such A Goddamn Disaster That Even Magic Johnson Started Making Fun Of Them On Twitter

I will say last night was the shot of normalcy that we all needed. We had the same old Clippers refusing to make the conference finals - 50 years running. But it was more the fact we had all the jokes on Twitter. We had CJ and Dame just obliterating the Clippers. We had an entire app making fun of Paul George calling himself Playoff P. It was perfect to see everyone come together to make fun of an entire organization again. But this? This is just mean. Magic Johnson loves EVERYONE, literally look at his Twitter when he talks about MVP candidates or any other award. The man goes 24 deep in a tweet but now he's out here reminding the Clippers that they choke all the time. I do appreciate that he stuck with his Magic twitter shtick of just listing facts even while making fun of someone. 

Just the best on Twitter and it's not even close.