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The Best Part Of Last Night's Wild NBA Playoffs Was The Fact It Turned Into One Giant Commercial For Kentucky Hoops

Gotta admit, it's always good to be a Kentucky hoops fan but the last 24 hours have been even better. Why? It's just free advertising and recruiting for Kentucky. Tyler Herro, Bam, Jamal Murray, shit even Pat Riley all having a great Tuesday night. It's quickly becoming my favorite part of the NBA playoffs, just everyone consistently complimenting Kentucky and talking about how smart it is for kids to go there to play hoops. 

Don't care for this joke, even if Coach Cal is an A+ comedian

And that was just last night. People didn't even bring up Anthony Davis, Rajon Rondo, even Frank Vogel! If I'm the Clippers, I'm landing a Kentucky guy ASAP. Probably why they shouldn't have traded Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. It's a proven fact that in the playoffs you need someone from Kentucky on your roster in order to make the NBA Finals. Nothing better than sitting in front of the TV on a Tuesday night and just people simply can't stop talking about Kentucky. Great day to be us.