Staying Alive! The Islanders Win In 2OT To Force Game 6!

Holy. Moly. We're going to goddamn Borrelli's! Back's against the wall in a 2OT elimination game and Jordan Eberle comes through to finish off an absolutely perfect feed from the captain Anders Lee. These playoffs are all about momentum and confidence and Tampa Bay just handed the Isles a whole lot of it. 

Sure, Tampa has controlled most of this series and for long stretches of time have looked like the better team but at the end of the day there's another game to be played. This thing could've been over tonight and it's not. This Islanders team is going to work you and make you earn it until the very last second and because of that never-die mentality we have another 60 minutes of hockey to keep this thing going.

Varly, Boychuck, Anders, Barzy, many people I want to talk about but the only person I NEED to talk about right now is Rico Fucking Bosco. Rico from time to time will send me a text during these games just to keep my spirits up but tonight, during double overtime, I got a text about St. Jude.

I looked down at the text and I just chuckled to myself because it was so random and so ridiculous and then all of a sudden the Islanders fucking scored. If you watch this clip again you can actually see the moment I read it. Rico is a wildcard, we all know this, but tonight was special. #SomeThings

Also, on the topic of #SomeThings… watching your favorite sports team with your Dad is literally the best thing in the world and getting to look back at all these clips and screen shots of me and my dad has been so freakin awesome and special (when he's not slamming a chair over my lifeless body)

Sports, man. Go Islanders. Go Borrelli's. See you Thursday.