Jayson Tatum Gets Blocked At The Rim And The Celtics Lose Another OT Thriller

Another absolute heartbreaking, gutting loss. Haven't we had enough of those this postseason? And make no mistake about it, the Celtics choked this game. They were up by 14 points in the fourth quarter. That's a game you have to win. Instead they took their foot off the gas and look what happened. You just blew Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Kemba Walker, who was flat out terrible all night once again almost saved the day

Only for Jimmy Butler to come right back down with this HUGE bucket and the foul

No biggie. Plenty of time to win it right? Well then this happened

and then it got worse

So fucking frustrating. Kemba cannot be a no show like he was for 99% of this game, but at the end of the day this was the question heading into the season. In a tight game, who would step up? In Game 1, the answer was Jimmy Butler. You just gave him even more confidence in what should have been a convincing Game 1 win. Now is not the time to give away games.


If this is what the series is going to be like, well buckle the fuck up