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Houston Radio Guys Got Their Audio Cut After Fighting And Calling Each Other A Bitch During A Segment About If The Rockets Should Trade James Harden

There's nothing like local radio man. The real shame is the producer cutting the audio here. We got a bit of everything from threatening to leave, calling the other person boring and of course calling each other a bitch. It's perfect. It's everything that reminds me of old school Barstool Radio. Wonder if they have a Deke Zucker tweeting out quotes and if you get tagged knowing you're in for a brutal hour. Nothing scarier than getting tagged in a Deke tweet when Dave is on radio and you know he's pissed off. 

I just assume this is life as a Rockets fan though. You get all hyped up, they make a bunch of moves to make you think they are ready to beat the Warriors (or Lakers this year) only for some annoying playoff experience. Rinse, repeat. Now you have people talking about trading James Harden. I don't know man, there's more to it than Harden not showing up like an MVP in the playoffs. You have the disaster with Mike D'Antoni and his contract: 

You had Russ not showing up. You have the relying strictly on the 3 ball. You had Danuel House getting evicted from the bubble. Okay, maybe cheering for the Rockets does suck. I'm starting to understand why these dudes got into a fight. But I love nothing more than the fact it was over a hypothetical trade. The Rockets aren't trading James Harden, I'm more than confident in that. 

Let these guys fight on the next show. If they don't come to fisticuffs talking about James Harden are you even a true fan?