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Luke Voit Now Leads All Of Major League Baseball In Home Runs After This Nuke Tonight

Luke Voit leads all of Major League Baseball in home runs. That's simply a fact. Not Trout, not Nellie, not Tatis Jr. Luke Motherfucking Voit. He's doing it on one foot too as he limps all over the place. He doesn't tell anyone what's wrong with him. Refuses to come out of the lineup because he knows the team needs him. Just gutting it out and launching nukes. Dude was just rotting away in St. Louis behind Jose Martinez and the Yankees found a diamond in the rough. One of the best trades Cashman has ever made. CHASEN SHREVE. Holy moly. 

I love this man. Decent seven run inning in the 7th as I type this too. This team is cooking at the perfect time. I'm having fun again.