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South Park Has A One Hour "Pandemic Special" On The Way




I've been blogging South Park for a good 7 years now. All the ups and downs of these latest seasons. Some hits, some misses. And I am going to take a guess and say this episode will be a big hit. BIG hit. Now, it might not be the same as if they tackled these same ideas in say, 2002. Times have changed, Matt and Trey have changed, everything has changed. But they can still write with the best of them, so I expect greatness out of this.

I assume Cartman won't wear a mask, Randy is profiting off of the pandemic, BLM is involved, and a bunch of other topics from the last few months. A perfect hour summarizing how insane the world has been since March. And in the end, nothing is solved and we live in this hellscape forever. That's my prediction. Can't wait.