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Pray For Derek Carr: Jon Gruden Is Threatening His QB After Carr Used Gruden's Wife's Name As An Audible Call On Sunday

It doesn't matter if the Raiders are 1-0 and getting ready to unveil their ridiculous new stadium. We may have a quarterback controversy on our hands here. What is Derek Carr thinking? You can't be tossing out Gruden's wife's name as an audible, ESPECIALLY when it's with Tiger Woods. Toss it out with someone not intimidating one time. The Raiders already brought in Marcus Mariota. If you're Derek Carr you gotta do everything possible to keep the coaching staff healthy. Win some games, make some quality throws, don't use the coach's wife's name as an audible. Pretty basic stuff.

Not only that, but Gruden has to be a top-1 coach who you don't want to piss off. Something tells me he's short-tempered when it comes to his wife. He may be smirking in the videos and quotes, but you know he's ready to throw hands. This is a guy you want mad? 

Coaches I wouldn't want to piss off based on wife's name in the audible:

5. Ron Rivera

4. Bruce Arians

3. Bill Belichick

2. Joe Judge

1. Jon Gruden