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Looks Like Cam Newton is Involved in an Old Fashioned Chain War

The other day you no doubt saw Cam Newton jawing with Miami's Christian Wilkins among others at the end of the Patriots win. In the postgame he elaborated a little about how a couple of Dolphins' players had tried to rip the chain off his neck saying, "It was disrespect, they was reaching for my chain, though." And adding, "I think that kind of got under my skin. But yeah, through it all, man ... listen -- I do not want nothing to be taken away from a great team game that we did have. And I don't want to be selfish to kind of focus or dwell on that."

Then he elaborated some more on his Monday morning WEEI appearance. “On a serious note, it is a chain that has all of my children and their birthstones on it,” he explained. “You could only imagine, for all the fathers out there, any type of sign [of] disrespect for that chain. I don’t wear chains to represent my hood, which I should. I don’t wear chains with thug life on it, Superman, or things like that.” 

Well this is 2020. Battles like this that used to be started and finished on the field or maybe would carry over into the next engagement with the enemy now inevitably escalate on social media. And this skirmish did exactly that when Newton repeated the allegations of attempted chain snatching on his Instagram. 

After a flanking maneuver by Julian Edelman who commented with "Get goosed in the city, get your purse took ... LFG", a lyric from Mac Dre's "She Never Seen" that I had to Google since that particular song doesn't come up much on my go-to Yacht Rock SiriusXM station, a couple of Dolphins launched a counter offensive:

Shaq Lawson commented, "We don’t won’t that weak ass chain." 

Followed by Raekwon Davis who added, "Man ain’t nobody want your fake ass chains shit was weak anyway."

And… It's WAR! The NFL's first real Chain War since Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree a couple of years ago:

And that won became all out, scorched Earth war in short order:


One can only hope that this one between Newton and the Dolphins will flare up again when the two teams meet again in Week 15 because it'll be good for the division. It'll be good for the rivalry, which has only really been worth a damn for a week or a month here or there over the decades of Patriots dominance. It'll be good for America, who needs a little of the fun, harmless kind of hatred right about now. And it'll be particularly good for the Patriots because nothing will unite a team like messing with the man who's leading them. You especially don't mess with the thing he wears to keep his children next to his heart. 

The next time these two teams meet? The Patriots by a million.

P.S. It's only been one game and Newton's already at the center of a war between a division rivals? I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.