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Nick Saban Needs This Monstrous 6-Year-Old Pee Wee Football Player To Commit To Bama Posthaste

To clarify that headline, I'm not talking about Saban getting this kid committed to Bama for when he graduates high school in more than a decade when Saban will likely be playing shuffleboard all day in some lazy, gated, 55-and-over community.  Saban needs this kid in crimson ASAP he can get the offense down before next weekend's game.

We've all played against kids who Truck Sticked the entire field as our parents tried to figure out a polite way to ask his coach if they can see his birth certificate. But this runaway train not only obliterating his competition in Texas but having kids appear to switch teams mid-play, like number 29 in white, puts him in a completely different category. 

Big time Spike vs. Timmy vibes.

This kid may be in his first year of elementary school, but I actually think that makes it an easier transition to a new school and getting your introduction to SEC defense vs. Mizzou is the perfect way to get your feet wet. Someone get this kid on the next bus to Tuscaloosa after he is done reading The Hungry Caterpillar or whatever first graders do because the clearest comp to him in size, speed, and just overall dominance made his way to Bama and he turned out alright.