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There Won't Be Off-Days in the MLB Postseason?!

What in the actual hell is this? I refuse to believe this is real, because this is quite possibly the worst idea I've ever heard.

First of all, God help a team like the Atlanta Braves with their pitching staff. This is going to be a massive disadvantage to teams with pitching problems — not that there are many Postseason teams with pitching that's too bad, but still. The management of pitching staffs with no off-days is going to be fascinating.

Then take into account the television aspect. Baseball already needs as many eyeballs as it can get and now we're going to be showing eight games in a day? That's great for those of us who love baseball, but it's way too much for the casual fan who just wants to know when the Yankees or Dodgers are playing.

I get the idea that MLB doesn't want to wade into November with the threat of another COVID spike and all that, but this schedule is going to make an already crazy Postseason that much more hectic.

Buckle up, folks, because we're in for playoff baseball the likes of which we've never seen before. A three-game series that could potentially eliminate top seeds before the Division Series. No off-days. A neutral site World Series.

Only time will tell how this thing turns out. But damn it, I'm really going to have to watch Josh Tomlin and Touki Toussaint make Postseason starts.