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A Brazilian Soccer Club Refused To Sign A Player 2 Hours After They Made A Verbal Agreement Because The Fan Base Hates Him So Much They Protested Outside Team Offices

And this is the difference between South American/European soccer and the rest of the world. There's simply nothing like it. Look here. You got Atletico Miniero ready to sign Thiago Neves. Seems like no big deal, right? Well, Neves played for Atletico's rival and needless to say Atletico fans HATE him. So much so they protested and chanted that he'd die if he played for them so the team said fuck it, we're not signing him. That doesn't happen anywhere else! The man scored 41 goals in 152 appearances and they refused to sign him just because the fans hate him. 

I know the initial reaction is to say this club and the people running it are a bunch of pussies, but I'm going to give credit to the fans here. They have so much hatred they banded together to refuse this to happen. The fact you can hold that much power and be that vocal is the real story here. I tip my cap to them. You don't just play for a rival for a few years and expect to be able to be signed. Not on their watch. 


2 hours! I can't get over the fact it only took two hours for the team to change its mind. Team didn't even lie. Just said they don't want to upset their fans so this dude is out. Just an outrageous move that you have to respect.