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Mike Francesa Says The Browns Are Looking To Trade Odell Beckham Jr

Well that would be something. Cam Newton throwing to Odell Beckham Jr. in a Patriots uniform. 2020 is wild, man. And I can guarantee you this, if OBJ goes to New England, he'll be a Pro-Bowler. Well, I guess he won't be playing in the Pro Bowl because he'll be getting ready for the Super Bowl, but you get what I'm saying. But aside from the Patriots, honestly, you guys can have him…..

I'm not saying we can't make it work with this guy in Cleveland. I personally enjoy having extremely talented players on our roster, but throughout his time on the Browns, it's been nothing short of a disaster. We've had the watch problem and the shoes problem and now the poop problem, but we've never had any sort of winning problems. In fact, we've had a MAJOR losing problem. We went 6-10 with him last year and now we're off to a blazing 0-1 (thank God that was only worth 1 game) start this year. I guess my point is, what would be different if we didn't have OBJ? Would we be…..bad? Okay, we're already bad. Maybe someone else could benefit from a diva wide receiver more than we can. Just something to look into -- I wouldn't be mad at all if we were exploring our options. 

I don't know, guys. I just think we try to force feed him the ball too much so he doesn't get unhappy, because we know an unhappy OBJ will create problems. I just wish the entire organization just cared about one thing: winning.


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Can someone check my math on this one? I'm pretty sure he just said he only cares about one thing and then named two things. Nevermind, we can't trade this guy. He's a perfect for in Cleveland. 


Wow, I'm shocked that Francesa could be wrong for the first time ever.