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Brazillian Model Insures Her Ass For $200k After Receiving Threats To "Get It"

Daily Star - MC Rielle decided to insure her butt after she posted a photo an image to her 518,000 followers on Instagram.

She wrote: "I received so many messages about my butt and even threats to get it, I was afraid something would happen.

"My followers suggested putting it safe and I decided to go after the documentation."

For that, the South American star researched other people who had the same insurance.

She said it was easy to insure body parts as it was inspired by US singer Mariah Carey, who reportedly spent $1 billion on her legs.

MC Rielle added: "Now I feel so much more comfortable, even to walk around with pants that leave my butt exposed."

It comes after the beauty wore the army-style pants during a recording of a new clip.

The Brazilian continued: "It's the best idea for hot days."

No offense to our Brazillian model friend here, but I think I've seen better on Mike's Apartment. 

Though I do love her rationale for walking around in pants like this -