There Are Vibes, And Then There's Whatever Planet This Dude Is On

You ever see a video of someone and know they've got it all figured out? Like you watch it and can instantly tell that they're content in life? They don't want for anything. They don't stress. They don't worry. They just live on their own planet without a care in the world? That's this guy....

It has to be. You can't look at that picture and tell me he cares about anything other than the jumpsuit on his back and ripping handstands off the back of his inboard.

He's probably the talk of the lake. "There goes Jumpsuit Johnny, the best barefooter this side of the Mississippi!" He only comes out when the conditions are perfect tough, the lake has to be glass, he has a reputation to uphold. Still, what an incredible hobby to have. Give me one one-thousandth of the vibe this guy has and I'll be in good shape.