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MLB Net Just Had An Entire Segment On The White Sox Where They Talked About The Yankees For The Majority Of It

I watched this clip this morning and it made me want to puke. Save for the fact that 2 of the first 4 White Sox names he mentioned were Nomar Mazara and Edwin Encarnacion (LOL), he talked more about the Yankees in the White Sox segment than the White Sox themselves. It made my head want to fucking EXPLODE. I mean get the fuck out of my face with this shit. 

The White Sox have better pitching, a better offense, a better ability to stay on the field, are younger, and have better financial outlooks to supplement their already awesome core than the Yankees right now. That's not me being a biased homer, that's just a goddamn fact.  Go do your own research on this if you want or just trust me on that. That's your call. 

But I can't call into MLB Net and tell them they're fucking idiots for buying into 1990s NYY stigmas in the year 2020. What I can do is take a moment to shit on Marty Mush and his team via weblog. Now I love Mush and he's an awesome dude, but watching him squirm while the White Sox go on to win 21 games in a 26 game stretch while the Yankees toil in 3rd place has been the highlight of my shitty coronavirus summer. That's not an embellishment, that's a stone cold truth. 

Look, I never really cared about the Yankees. I hate the Cubs more than any team on earth followed by the Red Sox, who are pathetic and not worth talking about, but then Mush decides to run his mouth and shit talk my team at a BAD time. I mean he should have done this 2019 and prior. I would have had nothing to say, but now I do. Man did he fuck up! 

"We're still gonna be better than the White Sox in every way at the end of the year" 

- Mary Mush, 9/8/2020

*Checks standings* 

Marty, Marty, Marty. What am I going to do with you kid. I would offer to sit down and teach you how to baseball one time, but I don't think I could get any information through your thick ass Yankee fan skull. That's fine though - meathead it up all you want.  That's what makes you a great fan. I mean the Yankees have been on a warpath of winning for the better part of the last dozen years, right? All other teams should bend the knee at their greatness, right? TELL ME ABOUT 27 RINGS MARTY!!!!

Lol. Nope. Fuck that. But this isn't about the Yankees, really. I don't give a flying fuck about loser organizations toiling away in 3rd place with billion dollar payrolls and billion dollar pitchers that'd be pacing to surrender 50+ bombs in a typical 162 game season. This is not about how the lineup is glass, how Gary Sanchez can't hit HALF of his weight, or how the Yankees have a sketchy payroll situation moving forward, in spite of being "the richest sports team on earth".

This ain't about that. Instead I'm gonna make this about Tim Anderson aka the reigning batting title holder who is once again leading the league in hitting. Let's segue to him, the same guy you TRASHED because he booted a few balls for you in Tap Baseball:

Let's take a look at his 2019-2020 statistics combined: 

Is that good? Is a .344/.370/.527/.987 slash line with 25 home runs and 22 stolen bases a slash line that reeks "worst SS in the league?" as you say? I don't think so, but what do I know? 

Wait hold on, let's check in on Gleyber Torres over that same stretch: 

Hahahaha… and if you take out games against the Orioles, he's slashed about a league average clip across the board. That, my friends, is something you HATE to see.

We talked about it a few weeks back; Tim Anderson has become and incredibly cerebral hitter. Here's an example of that from an at bat a month or so back:

His ability to outthink pitchers is crazy. Dude's labeled a free swinger, but at this point I'm not so sure that's the case. No, he doesn't walk a lot. But he doesn't need to because he's so good at correctly identifying how a pitcher is attacking him pitch to pitch that he barrels baseballs early in counts and doesn't need to walk. He does his damage and gets on base in other ways. No, that's not very conventional but ~700 plate appearances of dominant offensive baseball is a large enough sample to say that this approach works and will continue to work. 

Dude's a star. One of the faces of baseball. But fuck'm, let em sleep.

Giphy Images.

He did it again last night too. It was another simple single to LF, but he was cheating fastball, got a fastball, found the barrel and pissed on it. His thought process is radiating through his results, and the results have been stellar for 2 seasons now. Should he finish the season on top of the league in batting again, that would be the first time since the 1998-99 seasons where a hitter has lead the entire league in hitting in back to back years when Hall of Famer Larry Walker accomplished the feat.

See ya at Capital Grill this November Marty! Can't wait to look at price tags that say "market price" and tell the waiter I don't give a shit what the current market value of my nice porterhouse is at the time.

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