A Company Is Developing A Radar Gun For Police That Can Detect When You're Texting And Driving

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Mashable- You’re not supposed to drive faster than the speed limit. You’re not supposed to text while driving, either. Police already have equipment that detects how fast you’re going, of course, but a Virginia company is now developing technology to monitor texting and driving from a distance.  Following the radar-gun model, a Virginia company is working on a similar device that can pick up the specific radio frequencies emitted by text messages, according to The Virginian Pilot. So if you’re guilty of texting and driving, you’ll have more to worry about from parked cops than a speeding ticket. ComSonics, the company developing the radar gun, told the Pilot that the radar gun is “close to production.” The technology is sophisticated enough to differentiate the frequency transmissions that separate phone calls and texts. There are some other questions raised by the radar gun. Say the driver is using voice-to-text technology to send hands-free messages. The device would presumably pick up those radio frequencies. Same goes for passengers. Could you get a ticket because a friend sent a text message? It remains to be seen how soon these machines would be implemented into everyday use, or how widespread the radar guns could become. ComSonics believes the devices would not compromise drivers’ personal information, as the devices are not designed to decrypt information transmitted by drivers.


Well shit.  I suppose it was only a matter of time but that’s not good.  That’s not good at all.  I’m the biggest texting and driving person in the world.  Yes, I’ve seen all of the PSA commercial with people crying and losing family members and what not.  Doesn’t phase me.  It should, but it doesn’t.  I’ve long known that texting and driving is the way I’m going to go out.  No question.  I’m too obsessed with my phone not to pull out it while I’m driving and take a look what’s going on.  It’s who I am at this point and I’m unlikely to change.  More than likely I’m only going to get worse.  But now with these text message radar guns I don’t know what to think.  I’ve always thought that risking my life and the lives of other drivers was the only thing I had to worry about.  Well that’s not the case anymore.  Now I have to worry about the boys in blue with their high tech radar guns pulling me over for texting my friend about pointless nonsense.  Now it’s directly effecting me and how much money I have in my wallet.  Those sneaky bastards.  They know that sociopath millennials don’t give a fuck about hurting themselves or others while driving a rocket on wheels.  If we did we wouldn’t even think to text and drive.  But now hit us where it hurts and take away the money we use to buy beer/food/cans of Surge?  Well that just might be enough to force me to stop texting and driving.



PS- At the end of the day I’m sure the same thing will happen with texting and driving like it does with speeding.  I’ll initially be super worried when these guns hit the market and I’ll stop texting and driving.  But then as time passes I’ll start doing it again because YOLO.  Such is life.