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Barstool Philly Local Smokeshow Of The Day - Cali


[Editor’s Note: We’ve got a lady on the ship now, boyos – Marissa The Smoke Queen. Behave yourselves.]

Introducing Cali from Villanova. Blonde fire to start off this Trail Of Tears week to MDW. We’ll survive together one day at a time.

And to you peasants, bow down to the new Smoke Queen of Barstool Philly. May have just been chosen to avoid an affirmative action lawsuit, but I do know my shit. When all you know are smokeshows, you should be the one in charge. Probably have to clarify I’m not a lesbian, but I do know a hot chick when I see one. Just spreading the wealth around like a regular Madam of Smoke.

Got smokes? Tweet them over to @StoolSmokeQueen or