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German Soccer Player Loses A Game To His Old Team Then Goes INTO The Stands To Try And Fight Opposing Fans

Say what you want about soccer players and fighting, they are still professional athletes. If you see a professional athlete coming into the stands to kick your ass, you gotta shit yourself a bit. I don't care if it's soccer, basketball, football, baseball, hockey, whatever. They are in better shape than you. They will throw down and beat you in a fight. Not to mention this is a crazed German soccer player going into the stands after a loss to his old team. That's a different kind of crazy. This isn't a regular going into the stands to fight someone. 

Toni Leistner is 6'3", 192 pounds. That's not a small dude. He had decent form on that block too. Hands stayed wide, pushed the dude to ground instantly. I say this though with every blog involving fans and athletes getting into it. Fans have the right talk shit. Players have the right to fire back and if you cross a line the player should have every right to confront no questions asked. Now, we don't know exactly what was said here, but if you're fired up enough to go into the stands I'm guessing you're right at least somewhat. Mostly we should just let this happen once a year. 

Losing 4-1 to your old team is already a big kick in the nuts, now you're going to get suspended and fined? Brutal, brutal beat. Oh and of course it happened with the largest crowd in Germany since coronavirus. That's just German soccer for you. 10,000 people in the crowd and we got people go in there to fight.