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Jeremy Lin Weeping On Social Media AGAIN As He Announces He's Leaving China To Try And Make The NBA Is The Most Absurd Thing You'll See Today

Wah, wah, fucking wah dude. Oh no you're voluntarily leaving a gig in China where you're a star making a shit ton of money because you think you can make it in the NBA. Shut the fuck up. I've had enough of Jeremy Lin and his weeping on social media. Remember last year his whole rock bottom shit? 

People on social media talking about how strong Jeremy Lin is for leaving to try and make the NBA seem to forget a few things. First of all he's 32! What team is taking a chance on a 32-year old, injury-prone guy that isn't really a shooter? Spare me the JR Smith talk to the Lakers - Lin was NEVER as good as JR Smith. Most careers end before you turn 30. The fact that he was able to make it this long as an undrafted free agent is absurd. He’s also not really bringing anything to a team right now because he’s a below average shooter and defender. Those are two things teams tend to look for right now.

Oh and why was this decision so difficult? Look at this quote by Lin (h/t Yahoo)

"Why was this decision so difficult? Yesterday, when I shared this with my family and friends, when I told them I would have to leave China, I cried."

Bro, you've been in China for a year. A year! You're not close with anyone over there in a year. You have family and friends in America, where you are so determined to try and play pro hoops. Just stop with this weeping bullshit every time you make a decision on your career. What happens when an NBA team doesn't sign you?