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Kendrick Nunn Wished Jimmy Butler A Happy Birthday On Instagram By Reminding TJ Warren And Giannis That Butler Beat Their Ass In The Playoffs

Goddamnit I hate how much I love this Heat team. I assume this is mostly just Jimmy Butler feeling comfortable and making friends for the first time ever so he's rubbing off on all these guys, but this is funny. Kendrick Nunn is out here roasting the damn two-time MVP. It makes all the sense in the world without making a lick of sense. Then again when the Heat kick the Pacers and Bucks ass, they have every right to talk as much shit as they want. Personally, I love it. I wish more teams and players and leagues would be like this. It's 2020, people are going to talk shit on social media, just give me more of it, especially if it's a halfassed photoshop. 

What a twist we have with Giannis though lately. The dude was talked about at such a high standard before the bubble. Again, he's about to win his second MVP in a row. People called him the best player in the league. Now? He's sitting in 3 hour lunch meetings trying to fix the Bucks and everyone is saying they need to teach him how to shoot the ball or get someone else that can help him. He was compared to Scottie Pippen and people thought it was laughably wrong, now Bucks fan wish for Scottie Pippen. And now you have Kendrick Nunn making fun of you? You're Giannis! You need to find some way to fire back, even if you'll get made fun of for the Heat beating your ass. You're still Giannis and you're better than Kendrick Nunn.