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KFC Radio Episode 25 - Part 1. Manti Teo, 30 Midgets vs 1 Lion and Tinder Etiquette


Before we got to the Voicemails this week we talked about Manti Teo, and like I said in the show I know this sounds crazy but I really do think you can understand everything you need to know about Hawaii and Manti Teo by watching Dog The Bounty Hunter. Even today one of those Hawaiin football players came out and defended him. Its just a crazy world over there. Filled with Meth, Gnarly waves, and fake internet girlfriends. Like in any other community Teo would be ripped to shreds but if you’re from Hawaii, actually from there, you can basically do anything you want and still have a beach side home and live an awesome life. So why wouldn’t Teo take a chance at this whole Dead Girlfriend Heisman thing? He literally had the biggest/nicest/most beautiful safety net of all time waiting for him back on the Island. Its genius really.



I’m not into the whole Tinder fad but if I was I don’t see how “Nice Face, Wanna Fuck” can’t be your opening line. Who cares about pushups. After you see a girl is attractive the only two things I care about  is 1) Does she want to have sex and 2) Will she have a sense of humor when she realizes I suck at sex.