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Giants Postgame Recap And Laps

Sorry for the vertical camera and the ugly face. I can't really do much about either since Coach Coughlin taught me to hold my phone top-to-bottom so I don't drop it and any trace of good looks has been beaten out of me by late nights and early mornings with kids. Anyway, this is my Giants recap for the Steelers game because I'm completely gassed from all these laps and I think I said everything that I need to say about it either in this video or on Twitter. Can't wait to be skinny skinnier next summer by learning from the Giants mistakes, which HOPEFULLY won't be a coronasummer.

Can't believe we squandered this omen.

Whatever. At least we are in 2nd place, only chasing the Washington Football Team Of The District Of Columbia, and at least Danny had one dime go for six.

Uncle Stevie's gonna save me and all the Giants gypsies.